The Last Day


Yesterday was the girls' last day of preschool. Throughout the year, classmates have brought goodie bags and little treats to celebrate the holidays, so I thought it would be nice to finally send some treats in with the girls to say good-bye. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to include in each good-bye goodie bag. I even asked the girls, since it's for their friends and all, but I couldn't come up with any great ideas. The perfect excuse for a trip to Target! I knew I didn't want to include candy, but I did want some sort of snack, so I grabbed a few boxes of fruit … [Read more...]

Easy Wood Weathering Technique


I've been doing a lot of DIYing around the house lately. Mostly finishing projects that were started ages ago, but I've been working on some new projects too. One of my most recent projects was a weathered wood backdrop for blog photos. I've been trying to up my photo game for this blog and in my opinion, one of the aspects that will make or break your photo is the background. If I lived in my dream house, I could easily take pictures on my granite counter top with a glass tiled back splash. Until then, I'm in military housing and have to do some faking for my photos. For a while, I've … [Read more...]

What We Did


The girls and I will be made TONS of melted crayons today! They were a hit on Instagram, so I decided to include those in the little treat bags that they'll be taking to school tomorrow. I took a trip to Target yesterday and picked up a 120 pack of Crayola that we peeled and broke apart this morning. The box came with a ton of colors, so we were able to make some pretty combos. Along with my trip to Target, I had to squeeze in a trip to Walmart to pick up gift cards for the teachers. Target didn't have the ones I needed. I considered mugs or those insulated cups, but everything on the … [Read more...]