My New Watch


For our anniversary this year, John and I gifted each other Apple Watches. Although we're Apple people, I originally had no interest in the watch, but after John mentioned getting them, it was like I had to have it. While we were in Florida, we marched into an Apple Store, to get the watches, only to realize that they weren't sold in stores. We'd have to order online and wait a few weeks for them to finally start shipping. Last week, my watch finally shipped! I got it Thursday and have rarely parted with it since. Since it isn't water proof, the watch comes off for showers and bath time, … [Read more...]

Long Weekends


One of my absolute favorite things about the Army is that you can almost guarantee that you'll have at least one long weekend per month. They vary between three and four day weekends depending on the holiday or occasion, but you usually know that there will be at least one. While most Americans got Monday off for Memorial Day, Hubster was also off on Friday. YAY! We spent a whole lot of time doing nothing, but that's exactly how I like my weekends. My Apple Watch arrived Thursday afternoon and I've pretty much been playing with it since then. I've been wanting a fitness tracker watch for a … [Read more...]

Chili Nation Loco Moco

Loco Moco made easy with Hormel Chili

Down in Hawaii, we tend to do things a bit differently than the rest of the country. This especially applies to food. When we first arrived on Oahu, I was horrified by the though of eating Loco Moco for breakfast. Now that we've been here for a while, I've warmed up to the idea and even made a bowl of my own using HORMELĀ® Chili, America's #1 chili. Traditionally, Loco Moco is a dish consisting of rice, burger patties, fried eggs, and gravy served for breakfast. It's so popular, that you can even get it at the big chain fast food drive thru's. But why bother with a drive thru when you … [Read more...]