June 4×4 Round Up

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The year is HALF WAY OVER! Can you believe it?! Wasn't it just Christmas?! Anyway.. Thanks for once again joining Amanda and I for our monthly link up! On the last weekday of each month, I'll be posting one of these babies up. It's a fun way to show off my favorite shares from the month as well as check out your favorites! Link up today (or even late this week) or come back July 31 and join us for the next link up! 4 favorite blog posts Water Babies - I've been taking a bath tub to the beach ever since! Red, White & Blue Trifle - Probably my favorite homemade treat in a while! … [Read more...]

Car Shopping Sucks


It was a blur of a weekend for us! The grand majority of the time was spent either in used car lots or on Craigslist searching for a decent car at a cheap price. My poor Honda was damaged beyond repair, and since we weren't planning on purchasing a new vehicle until we left the island, we're just looking to replace it with the amount that our insurance is giving us. About two weeks ago, a girl backed into John as he was parking for work. According to John and the auto body shop people, the girl driving must have stomped on the gas, because she caused extensive damage to the frame of the … [Read more...]

Time Flies


Before our friends arrived last week, I spent a good chunk of time cleaning up the house (thank you neighbors for taking the girls to Bible camp!). Now that our guests are gone, it seems like I have double the cleaning to do. There are towels scattered throughout the house from the various beach trips we took. Piles of dishes stacked around the sink from the countless meals that we enjoyed together. Oh, and the amount of sand in our vehicles- enough to create a beach of our own! I'm always sad when it comes time for our visitors to leave, but it seems like more so this time, since the time … [Read more...]