Dream Home


Is anyone else addicted to Fixer Upper?! I'm sitting here watching and wishing that Chip and Joanna would adopt me. The renovations that they do are just incredible! It really makes me look forward to owning our own home again! When it comes time to buy, I know we're definitely leaning towards building again. The nice thing about building your own home, is that you get to choose all the fun little details. A trip to Home Depot? Sign me up! The next place will likely be pretty generic, due to cost and all, but if I could  build my dream home, this is what I'd include. This beast … [Read more...]

4th of July Looks

The 4th of July is this weekend, which means fireworks, festivals, and concerts! This year, Schofield will have Sam Hunt, Michelle Branch, and Collective Soul performing. I have no clue who Collective Soul is and Michelle Branch is so 2001, but you can guarantee that I'll be there for Sam Hunt! I got some pieces from Tipsy Elves' patriotic collection that will be perfect for the celebrations this weekend. You may recognize Tipsy Elves from Shark Tank, where they launched their Christmas sweater business. Since then, they've expanded to include other holidays, including the 4th of … [Read more...]

June 4×4 Round Up


The year is HALF WAY OVER! Can you believe it?! Wasn't it just Christmas?! Anyway.. Thanks for once again joining Amanda and I for our monthly link up! On the last weekday of each month, I'll be posting one of these babies up. It's a fun way to show off my favorite shares from the month as well as check out your favorites! Link up today (or even late this week) or come back July 31 and join us for the next link up! 4 favorite blog posts Water Babies - I've been taking a bath tub to the beach ever since! Red, White & Blue Trifle - Probably my favorite homemade treat in a while! … [Read more...]