The Dog Post

Hey furless friends! Caesar, here! Mom is busy getting my sisters ready to go back to school, so she agreed to give me a day on the blog. I am her favorite boy after all! What makes me mom's favorite boy? Well, for starters, I'm kinda handsome. Everyone is always telling her what a good looking ... continue reading...

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You guys! My biggest baby starts kindergarten next week! Ah! KINDERGARTEN! I've been pretty desperate to send her back to school, but now as the day creeps up on us, it's becoming a bittersweet ... continue reading...


This motherhood thing- it's not always easy. The first six months of Veronica's life were probably some of the hardest months of my life. Even after taking parenting classes, it felt like no matter ... continue reading...


I already shared a few of Juli's cake smash photos in her birthday post, but I have a few more to share today! I love how these photos turned out and even more so due to the fact that I took them ... continue reading...

Recipes from the Blog

Bacon wrapped chicken all done

If you haven’t spent the last few weekends outdoors and grilling, what the heck are you waiting for?! Summer is the perfect time for enjoying time outdoors and making delicious meals while you’re out there. The nice thing about Hawaii is that is always feels like grilling season, which means that I’ve had plenty of […]

Red, white, & blue dessert

Tonight is the Army Birthday here in Hawaii! I’m home with the kids, but John went because it’s one of those recommended events. It would have been nice to attend, but it’s so expensive and I plan on attending the Military Police ball later this year anyway. In any case, I was feeling patriotic, so […]

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